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Most Googled Recipes of 2014

The most searched recipes of 2014.

1. Chicken Recipes
2. Meatloaf Recipe
3. Banana Bread Recipe
4. Pancake Recipe (We recommend our German pancake recipe)
5. Chili Recipe
6. Crock Pot Recipes
7. Lasagna Recipe
8. French Toast Recipe
9. Guacamole Recipe
10. Pork Chop Recipes

I’m surprised to see french toast and pancakes on there.
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crossfit shirt by orvin

Crossfit Clothing

If you do crossfit you know how intense it is and you want comfortable clothes that will allow you focus on your wod instead of your clothes. The super soft t shirt from Orvin Apparel is a perfect shirt for training in. It is thin, breathes well, it’s comfortable and shows off your guns without being too small so you don’t look like an XL person in a Small shirt. The cut is perfect and the fabric is ideal. Pick yours up at Orvin Apparel. The ORViN tee is the ideal piece of crossfit clothing.



ORViN apparel is a new beach volleyball clothing line that came about in 2011 when no companies would make beach volleyball board shorts that were ideal for true athletes.  Sure many companies make board shorts but if you try to play beach volleyball in long board shorts that go pass your knees and don’t stretch you will quickly realize that they aren’t beach volleyball friendly.  So to make the idea beach volleyball boarshorts ORViN apparel makes them stretchy and shorter.  Once you play in a pair of ORViN board shorts you will never go back to anything else.

We didn’t just stop at board shorts, we know you want super soft t shirts that feel like you aren’t even wearing a shirt so we designed the softest shirts on planet earth.  We know that beach volleyball players would rather just be shirtless all day, but some stores frown on that idea so now you can feel shirtless while actually wearing one.

But wait theres more! Call in the next 5 minutes and….. No but really, we didn’t stop with board shorts and t shirts, we make hoodies too! Yep, the cool hoodies that you might remember from the 70’s, known as Baja Hoodies.  We’ve got you covered from summer to winter.