Beach Volleyball Clothing

Playing beach volleyball in clothes that aren’t beach volleyball clothing is just not as comfortable as it could be. There hasn’t been a real stand out beach volleyball apparel company that really focuses on the true beach athlete. What is required for a beach volleyball clothing line? Well, you have to focus on style and comfort. Comfort means that the shorts have to be flexible to allow for a full range of motion. What is more annoying than your knee catching on the end of your board shorts when you are trying to get to the ball? Nothing! That is why true beach volleyball boardshorts should have a shorter outseam than other swimsuits that someone would use to lay in a pool. As beach volleyball players we need volleyball shorts that will allow us to perform at the top of our ability. That is why ORViN apparel makes beach volleyball board shorts with a shorter inseam of 19 to 20 inches. Other shorts will be as long as 22″, and that is just way too long for the sport.

Now lets talk about the actual fabric involved in mens beach volleyball boardshorts. Most swimwear will be made out of 100% nylon and have absolutely no give. This is not conducive to the sport or being physical active. ORViN apparel makes shorts that have super 4 way stretch so that you have more flexibility with your movement. Once you try the 4 way stretch boarshorts you will never go back to any other type of swimsuit.

Thats not all, ORViN apparel also makes super soft t shirts as well.